Whistler makes the best radar detectors in my opinion


While in a quest for a good and appropriate radar detector, it is easy to get perturbed and muddled between the various good looking  brands.

No, you're not the alone one I too went through the same, a few days ago, when I went to buy my first inexpensive radar detector. After a long research and some genuine advices, I landed up buying a Whistler model, and trust me, it was my best decision.

Whistler is undoubtedly the top ranker in the category of radar detectors, and I found it true as soon as I started using my Whistler CR90. Whistler offers a large range of radar detectors, from basic standard models to high end feature models, generating a trust among all of its customers.

Along with the wide range, they also offer convenient mounting and accurate detection in all of their detectors.

Following are some unique features of Whistler radar detectors that make them versatile -

  • They offer easy and convenient mounting facilities , and precise detections in all weathers.
  • They offer a plethora of advanced features, such as GPS technology framework and Smartphone compatibility features.
  • Some of the high end Whistler detectors also feature a unique cloaking device that can read all kinds of laser and radar guns and can even detect the devices in 'stalker' mode.
  • One can also purchase radar detectors that feature Voice alerts in which the radar will alarm you via voice notes.

Along with these amazing features, Whistler offers you an excellent customer support. Most of the radar detectors of  Whistler come with two year guarantee and for any future query or concern, a team of customer support experts is always ready to interact with you over the phone or an email.

Some of the top Models

Albeit the best model amongst all the radar detectors, is Whistler CR90 radar laser detector, that outscores all the radar detectors of its range, there are several other options available in the Whistler galaxy. Some of the top models are -

  • Z-11R Radar laser detector
  • Z-15R Radar laser detector
  • Z-19R Radar laser detector
  • CR65 Radar laser detector
  • PRO 3600 (SWRA-36) of Whistler with antenna module.

So with all these extremely promising and fascinating features, your whistler radar detector will never let you down. Believe it, I am a living proof!