Why I prefer to sleep in a truck tent instead of a regular tent?


Camping is such fun, except for the sleeping experience.I have a pickup SUV.  It is obvious that there is no comfortable bed and sleeping can be a painful experience. However we tend to apply all the measures we can, to achieve the near comfort even in a tent. Regular tents are not very successful in matching up our need of sound and comfortable sleep because they are placed on ground and ground is full of stuffs you don’t like.

This is the reason why truck tents are becoming a popular choice amongst the campers these days. Truck tents are the tents designed to be installed on truck or SUV platforms and provide a homely experience to you while sleeping. They are a good and cheaper alternative for RVs and are best for camping outside the city.


Reasons why I am promoting truck tents

Well it is just not me, you can go asking all the experienced campers out there. They will tell you the reason why pickup truck tent is a better option over a regular tent. But since you don’t have that much time and reach, I have listed here a few of them, just for you to weigh up –

  • They are safer. Truck tents are way too safer than regular tents as they are placed on SUV and truck platforms directly instead of the ground, that protects you from crawlers and infectious ground.
  • They are more comfortable. Regular tents do not allow as sound sleep as a truck tent. But truck tent is more advisable which has enough space for an air mattress.
  • They are easy. Truck tent spares you the efforts of searching places for tent installation.
  • They are easily movable. Since they are installed on the vehicle itself, they handle the issues of taking them out and reinstall them again on the next stop. They remain installed on your vehicle and move along with you.
  • They are best for rainy seasons. Imagine sleeping on the ground and sudden soggy feeling in the midnight! Urrgh! Truck tents saves you from such experiences as with them you are almost three to four feet above the ground.

Now is there any reason why you must not own one such useful camping equipment? I know there’s none. So purchase a truck tent right today for an exemplary camping experience! Happy tenting!