How much should you spend on a weather radio?


Weather radios are worth purchasing because of their universal utilities. They not only provide precise weather alerts 24x7, but also warn you about several emergency alerts. In the areas that are prone to natural disasters and frequent severe weather conditions, a weather radio can prove to be a lifesaver.

Weather radios are usually very low-cost and range from even less than $20 and will cost a maximum of only $100 for the highly equipped units. However, the money you spend on a weather radio should only depend on the need of your lifestyle.


If you live in disaster prone area and are more likely to face emergencies, then you must spend on a branded and quality weather radio which also features emergency alerts. Such a unit may cost you $30 - $ 60. The higher end gadget you purchase, the more you can limit the alerts according to your needs.

High-end weather radios are high-end not just because they are better in quality but also because they offer multiple features like SAME technology, multiple power sources feature, advance quality alerts etc. So, spend only when you are in a need for these features otherwise it is prudent to go for a durable but fundamental unit.



If you do not really come by emergencies in your region and require a weather radio only to entertain your basic weather news needs then there is no point of spending on a real high ender. If this is the case, you can confidently go for a basic weather radio that provides fundamental features for fulfilling only indispensable requirements.  Select a branded and top rated radio of the range $15 to $ 30 and you can live happily ever after with it.


Spending on accessories

Yes, there are accessories available even for a weather radio. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go without them.

For instance, you need not buy any additional device for multitude  alarming systems. These alarming devices when connected to radios provide visual and shake alerts, which are useful only if you have visually or audibly disabled people around you otherwise do not waste the money.

Many other accessories that shopkeepers might persuade you to buy are designed for special needs, so before spending on them think wisely, about the width of its use and spend only when you are absolutely convinced with yourself .

Hence, don’t spend extra money for the features that a radio offers; instead pay wisely only for the features you require! Here are some more details on how weather radios work!





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