My last bass fishing trip

If you’re planning to go on a fishing trip, you should do it in the proper way. By that I mean out into the wilderness, in remote parts of nature, in places where man rarely sets foot. These are the places where you can truly say you’ve had a great trip. If you have some experience in fishing, you should know that some fishing spots in such areas are filled with trophy size bass.

I’m only saying this because my last fishing trip was one of a kind. We chose to go down to Florida, in the Everglades reservation, as we knew this is one of the best places you should go to if you’re fishing for bass during summer. This is heaven for this fish and for other species as well. To catch the most favorable hours for bass fishing, when we would have more chances at landing some great specimens, we arrived at the fishing spot early in the morning together with our host, a local who organized fishing trips on his boat.

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but, after being caught by a heavy rain, bass started biting like in no other place I’ve ever been to. This fish were so hungry they literally bit on almost any type of bait we casted. After a couple of hours, we had more fish than in any other fishing location we’ve been to. Maybe I’m making a rapid judgment, since I’m not an experienced fisherman and this was only my sixth or seventh bass fishing adventure, but it wasn’t just me who was surprised, my friends were too. The best moment of the day was when my friend managed to land a trophy size black bass. We stopped from whatever we were doing and watched how my friend reeled in one of the largest specimens we had ever seen. It was a beauty and I almost felt sorry it got caught by my friend’s Shakespeare spincast rod because I placed a bet that my 7 foot long Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reel and rod combo will get the big fish. And it did, up to the moment when he got that awesome catch. But, even so, I had the opportunity to see a majestic bass specimen, the kind you only hear in old fishermen’s stories that you automatically deem as made up to impress people.

Besides that, the Everglades is a stunning corner of America you should visit not only for fishing, but for the amazing vegetation and landscapes. Hope we get back there again this summer, so that I can land my own bass trophy.