Fish finders – a few things you should know

Fish finders are indeed a very handy tool for bay fishing, ice fishing and all kinds of fishing out there. They take your fishing to just another level by allowing you to SEE and MONITOR fishe directly and very conveniently on the display screen by your side of the water. This is the reason why they are best buddies for all fishermen and anglers and are a must buy for all those who still use their guts to locate the right fishing spots.

In case you have just bought one and are beginning to figure out technicalities then you may find the following tips useful And if you have already mastered the foundation course, then here are few additional features and facts that you should know about fish finders:

  • Do look for the GPS feature when you buy a fish finder. GPS system not only helps you return safely but lets you design your own maps. Yes, your own customized digital map!
  • There are two different kinds of sonar scanning systems in fish finders, namely down scan and side scan sonar and you must choose the kind that goes best with your location and requirements.
  • The down scan gives you an idea of what is directly beneath the boat and allows you to see an image of the bottom with clear details. The accuracy it provides is impeccable.
  • The side scan broadcasts signals in a wing-angled fashion to the sides of the boat. These sweep a greater area in a single scan and have very minimal noise and disturbance.
  • There are certain advanced fish finders that combine side scan and down scan together for an even better detection.
  • Just like your Smartphone and computer, the fish finders also come with software enhancements that need to be updated at decent intervals. The more up-to-date version you have, more luxurious fishing you will experience.
  • Fish finders that use arches to signal fishes are more precise than those that use FishId techniques. This is because FishId often misinterprets stones and bushes as fish, which might disappoint you.
  • Fish alarms are another feisty feature that signals you the presence of a fish in case you are too busy to monitor the screen.


The above facts about fish finders will help you utilize a fish finder to its fullest. Happy fishing!!