How to find a good sump pump for your aquarium?


It’s lovely to have fishes and other colorful aquatic animals as pet. They are not just beautiful but are considered lucky as well. However, owning an aquarium is not an easy job. You have to maintain the aquarium properly in order to keep your underwater plants and animals happy. Moreover, it is very important to choose the right accessories for your aquarium.

Water pumps or aquarium sump pumps are the most important device and choosing just the right sump pump for your aquarium can be time taking and tough. Since you are a busy person, we present here a quick buyer’s guide in order to direct you towards selecting the perfect sump pump for your aquarium.

Sump pump of the right kind

There are two basic kinds of water pumps namely, submersible water pump and In-line water pumps. The former is a complete underwater pump, which drives water from the filter and releases it into the aquarium. They require no drilling and are easy to install. They also make less noise as they run underwater. However, their size and shape may be a matter of consideration for small tanks as the filters may have limited space for the sump.

The latter, i.e. in-line pumps are externally installed pumps that runs out of water and uses an inlet and outlet passage for filtering water. They are air cooled and produce no heat into water unlike the former which are water cooled. They are more powerful and can filter gallons of water per hour. They are useful if the aquarium is substantially large.

Before you select a water pump for your aquarium

Take a quick glance on the following list of features that you must consider before you purchase a sump pump.

  • Filtration type - Decide on the type of filtration system you want according to the type and size of your aquarium.
  • Flow rate – Flow rate is the rate of water current flowing in a unit time. Salt-water fishes require higher flow rate while planted aquarium need lesser flow rate. Hence decide depending on your pets. For flow rate it might be a good idea to try a pedestal sump pump.
  • Plumbing – Decide the location and position of the pump beforehand and choose a wise place for it according to you.
  • Head height – It is the vertical height from the head of the pump to the highest point of the pumped water. The head height shouldn’t be more than five feet as it can create higher pressure.

Buy a branded good quality water pump and take a look on the customer reviews before buying.