A drill press is a very useful and handy tool, both for home workshops and for commercial workshops. And with appropriate accessories it can be of multitude functionalities, be it sanding or serving as a spindle sander, a mortise or even a pocket hole machine, your drill press will do it all!

So when it comes to buying one such unit, the most trustable brand could only be GRIZZLY. Alternatively you can check also the Ryobi drill presses.

Due to its wide range for selections and reliability within affordability, it automatically becomes the first choice for buying such a frequently used tool.

Carefully check the following points before buying a grizzly drill press.

There are two basic models of drill machines

1) Bench-Top: These are the ones that could be mounted on the working bench directly or on their own stand. They are easy to store and carry due to their compact  and lightweight and are the best for simple, domestic, light jobs.

The best models from grizzly for this category are '12 speed heavy-duty Bench Top' and 'Grizzly G7943 Bench Top '.

2) Floor Model: - They stand on floor and are comparatively big and powerful  than the former. They are the best for commercial purposes and heavy duty tasks.

The best models from grizzly in this category are, '12 speed 20" Floor drill Press' and '12 speed heavy-duty 14" Floor Drill Press'.

Other types of drill press include magnetic machines and radial drill press with variation in depth and swing technology.

Your selection of the model should be based on the work you are going to perform.

Some Useful Considerations

Here is a list of features that you must query about before buying a drill press -

  • Horsepower -The power produced by the motor of the drill press is measured in Horsepower (HP), which range from 1/4 to 1 HP.
  • Speed variations - Many drill presses come with five to ten different speed settings that enable you to drill holes of different diameters.
  • Quil travel - This term refers to the depth that the press is capable of digging. Greater the quil travel, deeper the digging ability.
  • Depth-stops- This ensures precise dig and the limit of depth of the hole. So look for a good Depth-stop in order to perform accurate operations.



Apart from these, you must also consider following accessories that will enhance the functionalities  of your drill press -

  • Fences - These provide positional grip for repetitive holes.
  • Mortising attachments - Ensures precision in mortise drilling.
  • Planer heads - They help in squaring the edge and cutting rabbet.

So are you ready now? Go ahead and wisely choose a perfect grizzly drill press for a perfect drill.

Thanks for reading!!