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Though small kitchen appliances such as pancake makers or quesadilla makers don’t need a lot of maintenance and they are, in fact, designed to be low-maintenance products, it doesn’t mean that you should leave them in a corner and never give them a thorough cleaning.

The mai purpose of maintenance is to prolong the product’s life. To achieve this goal you have to start with using your appliance carefully. Firstly, don’t overfill the new quesadilla maker. If you force the lid to lock upon the quesadilla, in time, it may break or become loose. As such, when you close the lid, make sure it closes easily, without applying a lot of force. The less shocks it endures, the more it will live. Another thing you should avoid when making quesadillas is to use big chunks of meat. This will have the same effect on the appliance as using too much filling.

Regarding the products you put in the maker, make sure the tortillas you buy have a proper dimension for its size. If they are larger, you can cut around the edges a bit, so that they achieve a suitable dimension.

Even if you don’t have to wash the appliance each time you use it, you shouldn’t leave it dirty. Most quesadilla makers have non-stick cooking surfaces, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning. Once you’re done cooking, you should wipe them with a soft, damp cloth to remove leftovers and oil stains. In addition, once in awhile you may try and disassemble it (if the appliance comes with removable cooking plates) to clean any crumbs and ingredients that may have got in or simply wash it using a wet sponge and dish washer.

Avoid cleaning its exterior and interior surfaces with rough or pointy objects, as you may scratch them and so decrease their capacity to cook the tortillas evenly and in an efficient manner. To prevent shocks, always place the appliance on a steady and large surface where it has plenty of stability and the risk of slipping is small.



Fresh natural yogurt is associated with a number of essential health benefits and it contributes to the good development of biologic processes taking place in your organism. Including yogurt in your food regimen may be a great solution for a lot of small health issues that you are confronted with.

  1. It prompts a healthy digestion

Due to the healthy bacteria that yogurt contains, your digestive tract microflora becomes healthier when you consume this food as it gets enriched with a variety of “good” bacteria that ease the digestion process, thus eliminating common problems such as diarrhea, constipation, bloated stomach, etc.


  1. It boosts your immune system

It increases the number of cytokine producing cells in the intestine that play a part in the immune system’s efficiency. As such, your kid can be spared of a lot of immune-related diseases and you will be less prone to contracting infection or bacteria. To ensure a healthy immune system, you just need to introduce yogurt in your daily food routine.


  1. Helps increase bone density

Yogurt fills your body with vitamin D, minerals and calcium. Vitamin D and calcium particularly play a key role in keeping your bones strong and therefore lowering the risk of osteoporosis at an older age.  As such, consuming natural cow milk yogurt (that contains plenty of both) will help you avoid a major health problem in your late years.

  1. It lowers the risk for a series of serious illnesses

Its important contribution to boosting your immune system and filling you with essential micronutrients makes yogurt a powerful ally against life threatening diseases such as colorectal cancer or Type 2 diabetes (as it helps regulate the quantity of sugar in your blood). In addition, it prevents imbalances created by long antibiotic treatments, as it populates your body with probiotics. For example, it lowers the risk of yeast infection.


  1. It promotes fat loss

A recent study has shown that consuming a lot of yogurt can help people lose weight more efficiently. The yogurt consuming participants in the study were able to lose the double amount of fat in the same amount of time as those who did not consume any yogurt at all.


  1. It lifts up your general mood

Digestive problems are something we can deal with daily. However, if you have a good digestion process, these affections disappear, which means you will have the will and energy to do the things that you have scheduled for a certain day without being bothered by abdominal cramps.

The advantages of consuming fresh natural yogurt go beyond those mentioned here and you can benefit from all of them by simply eating a tasty portion of yogurt once a day.