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It’s lovely to have fishes and other colorful aquatic animals as pet. They are not just beautiful but are considered lucky as well. However, owning an aquarium is not an easy job. You have to maintain the aquarium properly in order to keep your underwater plants and animals happy. Moreover, it is very important to choose the right accessories for your aquarium.

Water pumps or aquarium sump pumps are the most important device and choosing just the right sump pump for your aquarium can be time taking and tough. Since you are a busy person, we present here a quick buyer’s guide in order to direct you towards selecting the perfect sump pump for your aquarium.

Sump pump of the right kind

There are two basic kinds of water pumps namely, submersible water pump and In-line water pumps. The former is a complete underwater pump, which drives water from the filter and releases it into the aquarium. They require no drilling and are easy to install. They also make less noise as they run underwater. However, their size and shape may be a matter of consideration for small tanks as the filters may have limited space for the sump.

The latter, i.e. in-line pumps are externally installed pumps that runs out of water and uses an inlet and outlet passage for filtering water. They are air cooled and produce no heat into water unlike the former which are water cooled. They are more powerful and can filter gallons of water per hour. They are useful if the aquarium is substantially large.

Before you select a water pump for your aquarium

Take a quick glance on the following list of features that you must consider before you purchase a sump pump.

  • Filtration type - Decide on the type of filtration system you want according to the type and size of your aquarium.
  • Flow rate – Flow rate is the rate of water current flowing in a unit time. Salt-water fishes require higher flow rate while planted aquarium need lesser flow rate. Hence decide depending on your pets. For flow rate it might be a good idea to try a pedestal sump pump.
  • Plumbing – Decide the location and position of the pump beforehand and choose a wise place for it according to you.
  • Head height – It is the vertical height from the head of the pump to the highest point of the pumped water. The head height shouldn’t be more than five feet as it can create higher pressure.

Buy a branded good quality water pump and take a look on the customer reviews before buying.




Parents are next to god! Rightly said, after all it is our parents that gave us birth and then take care of us day and night until we become old enough to be independent. They love us forever no matter what! Hence when it comes to show our affection towards them, even the most expensive gifts seems to be a run of the mill, which totally confuse us on what to buy?

If you are stuck in a similar situation, then I would advise you to choose a gift which is useful to them and will help them feel good every time they use it. I strongly recommend a foot spa to make your parents relax.

A good ionic foot spa machine will provide them a  comfortable and soothing experience of a foot spa at their home .

Imagine when they return after a long walk or house chores, and have their feet souring with pain and are tired of the daily routine, and then they switch on the spa machine and get all their tiredness driven off.  This soothing dream can come true if you gift them a foot spa machine this time.


The other benefits of a foot spa

A foot spa machine not only relaxes the feet but it also has some other indirect benefits. Have a look –

  • A foot spa is useful in enhancing the blood circulation of the body. Also, having a foot spa at regular intervals will keep them energetic and full of life.
  • Foot spa is well known for driving off stress and depression keeping a person full of positivity.
  • Arthritis – one of the major concerns for many old age people can be lessened by taking a regular foot spa. Foot spa relieves the muscle tension and frees the joints, leading to the decrease in body pain and is a great help for the people suffering from arthritis.
  • Foot spa is a very popular remedy for reducing the signs of insomnia; they are very helpful in getting proper and regular sleep.
  • Foot spa is also beneficial for headaches. Well obviously, with a relieve in stress the mind will naturally feel relaxed.
  • Surprisingly, the foot spa, though treats the foot but is helpful in getting rid of indigestion and acidity as well.

So you see? This is why I am suggesting that there could be no better gift than a foot spa for your parents. Gift them a foot spa and you will love the expression of their face!




Weather radios are worth purchasing because of their universal utilities. They not only provide precise weather alerts 24x7, but also warn you about several emergency alerts. In the areas that are prone to natural disasters and frequent severe weather conditions, a weather radio can prove to be a lifesaver.

Weather radios are usually very low-cost and range from even less than $20 and will cost a maximum of only $100 for the highly equipped units. However, the money you spend on a weather radio should only depend on the need of your lifestyle.


If you live in disaster prone area and are more likely to face emergencies, then you must spend on a branded and quality weather radio which also features emergency alerts. Such a unit may cost you $30 - $ 60. The higher end gadget you purchase, the more you can limit the alerts according to your needs.

High-end weather radios are high-end not just because they are better in quality but also because they offer multiple features like SAME technology, multiple power sources feature, advance quality alerts etc. So, spend only when you are in a need for these features otherwise it is prudent to go for a durable but fundamental unit.



If you do not really come by emergencies in your region and require a weather radio only to entertain your basic weather news needs then there is no point of spending on a real high ender. If this is the case, you can confidently go for a basic weather radio that provides fundamental features for fulfilling only indispensable requirements.  Select a branded and top rated radio of the range $15 to $ 30 and you can live happily ever after with it.


Spending on accessories

Yes, there are accessories available even for a weather radio. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go without them.

For instance, you need not buy any additional device for multitude  alarming systems. These alarming devices when connected to radios provide visual and shake alerts, which are useful only if you have visually or audibly disabled people around you otherwise do not waste the money.

Many other accessories that shopkeepers might persuade you to buy are designed for special needs, so before spending on them think wisely, about the width of its use and spend only when you are absolutely convinced with yourself .

Hence, don’t spend extra money for the features that a radio offers; instead pay wisely only for the features you require! Here are some more details on how weather radios work!





you need them


Carpets can be difficult to clean and hard to maintain, especially if you have kids or pet and all the more, if you’re one of those people who adore fluffy textures and bright colors. So how can you keep them clean and looking fresh and new for a longer period of time?

Well, of course, you need to care for them, apply cleaning solutions on them, wash them and vacuum them periodically. Unfortunately, chemical solutions and repeated washing will make the colors become  faded and the fabric look shabby in time, which will confer your carpet’s an unaesthetic appearance. Even a vacuum cleaner can damage it. Because of that, some well-known carpet manufacturers even stipulate conditions that nullify the warranty, if you’re using a vacuum cleaner brand that is not gentle enough with the fabric.


That is why, finding a top quality electric broom, especially designed for precious materials is your best choice if you want to preserve your carpet’s colors and texture. How can you do that?


  1. Know what is the main component of your carpet. Natural materials will need a gentler treatment, and that is why you’ll need to adapt the broom to them and not the other way around.
  2. Choose a broom that is able to provide good suction power, but that is fitted with a soft roller brush. Great suction power means you won’t have to press on the carpet’s surface for the broom to be able to pick up messes and lints embedded there. If the item is powerful enough, it will draw these inside the dust cup, while the soft, long bristles will pick up hair and lint with ease, without damaging the fabric in any way.
  3. Make sure you choose a product with multiple speed settings that you can adapt to different surfaces and materials. It is true that you won’t need the maximum power level all the time, but when it so happens that you’re dealing with dirt deposited deeply in the carpet’s texture you may have to apply a lot more power to get it out of there.
  4. Don’t forget about the garbage recipient. Carpets tend to accumulate a great quantity of messes and fluffs that take a lot of place to store, so if you are thinking about buying a broom to sweep your living room carpet, you must acquire one that has a large dust cup, able to store it all without you having to empty it during cleaning.
  5. If you’re buying a cordless product, make sure you are taking one that offers you at least 20 minutes of running time and, if you are buying a corded one, be sure the cable is long enough to offer plenty of mobility.