If you’re planning to go on a fishing trip, you should do it in the proper way. By that I mean out into the wilderness, in remote parts of nature, in places where man rarely sets foot. These are the places where you can truly say you’ve had a great trip. If you have some experience in fishing, you should know that some fishing spots in such areas are filled with trophy size bass.

I’m only saying this because my last fishing trip was one of a kind. We chose to go down to Florida, in the Everglades reservation, as we knew this is one of the best places you should go to if you’re fishing for bass during summer. This is heaven for this fish and for other species as well. To catch the most favorable hours for bass fishing, when we would have more chances at landing some great specimens, we arrived at the fishing spot early in the morning together with our host, a local who organized fishing trips on his boat.

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but, after being caught by a heavy rain, bass started biting like in no other place I’ve ever been to. This fish were so hungry they literally bit on almost any type of bait we casted. After a couple of hours, we had more fish than in any other fishing location we’ve been to. Maybe I’m making a rapid judgment, since I’m not an experienced fisherman and this was only my sixth or seventh bass fishing adventure, but it wasn’t just me who was surprised, my friends were too. The best moment of the day was when my friend managed to land a trophy size black bass. We stopped from whatever we were doing and watched how my friend reeled in one of the largest specimens we had ever seen. It was a beauty and I almost felt sorry it got caught by my friend’s Shakespeare spincast rod because I placed a bet that my 7 foot long Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reel and rod combo will get the big fish. And it did, up to the moment when he got that awesome catch. But, even so, I had the opportunity to see a majestic bass specimen, the kind you only hear in old fishermen’s stories that you automatically deem as made up to impress people.

Besides that, the Everglades is a stunning corner of America you should visit not only for fishing, but for the amazing vegetation and landscapes. Hope we get back there again this summer, so that I can land my own bass trophy.

Though small kitchen appliances such as pancake makers or quesadilla makers don’t need a lot of maintenance and they are, in fact, designed to be low-maintenance products, it doesn’t mean that you should leave them in a corner and never give them a thorough cleaning.

The mai purpose of maintenance is to prolong the product’s life. To achieve this goal you have to start with using your appliance carefully. Firstly, don’t overfill the new quesadilla maker. If you force the lid to lock upon the quesadilla, in time, it may break or become loose. As such, when you close the lid, make sure it closes easily, without applying a lot of force. The less shocks it endures, the more it will live. Another thing you should avoid when making quesadillas is to use big chunks of meat. This will have the same effect on the appliance as using too much filling.

Regarding the products you put in the maker, make sure the tortillas you buy have a proper dimension for its size. If they are larger, you can cut around the edges a bit, so that they achieve a suitable dimension.

Even if you don’t have to wash the appliance each time you use it, you shouldn’t leave it dirty. Most quesadilla makers have non-stick cooking surfaces, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning. Once you’re done cooking, you should wipe them with a soft, damp cloth to remove leftovers and oil stains. In addition, once in awhile you may try and disassemble it (if the appliance comes with removable cooking plates) to clean any crumbs and ingredients that may have got in or simply wash it using a wet sponge and dish washer.

Avoid cleaning its exterior and interior surfaces with rough or pointy objects, as you may scratch them and so decrease their capacity to cook the tortillas evenly and in an efficient manner. To prevent shocks, always place the appliance on a steady and large surface where it has plenty of stability and the risk of slipping is small.



Fresh natural yogurt is associated with a number of essential health benefits and it contributes to the good development of biologic processes taking place in your organism. Including yogurt in your food regimen may be a great solution for a lot of small health issues that you are confronted with.

  1. It prompts a healthy digestion

Due to the healthy bacteria that yogurt contains, your digestive tract microflora becomes healthier when you consume this food as it gets enriched with a variety of “good” bacteria that ease the digestion process, thus eliminating common problems such as diarrhea, constipation, bloated stomach, etc.


  1. It boosts your immune system

It increases the number of cytokine producing cells in the intestine that play a part in the immune system’s efficiency. As such, your kid can be spared of a lot of immune-related diseases and you will be less prone to contracting infection or bacteria. To ensure a healthy immune system, you just need to introduce yogurt in your daily food routine.


  1. Helps increase bone density

Yogurt fills your body with vitamin D, minerals and calcium. Vitamin D and calcium particularly play a key role in keeping your bones strong and therefore lowering the risk of osteoporosis at an older age.  As such, consuming natural cow milk yogurt (that contains plenty of both) will help you avoid a major health problem in your late years.

  1. It lowers the risk for a series of serious illnesses

Its important contribution to boosting your immune system and filling you with essential micronutrients makes yogurt a powerful ally against life threatening diseases such as colorectal cancer or Type 2 diabetes (as it helps regulate the quantity of sugar in your blood). In addition, it prevents imbalances created by long antibiotic treatments, as it populates your body with probiotics. For example, it lowers the risk of yeast infection.


  1. It promotes fat loss

A recent study has shown that consuming a lot of yogurt can help people lose weight more efficiently. The yogurt consuming participants in the study were able to lose the double amount of fat in the same amount of time as those who did not consume any yogurt at all.


  1. It lifts up your general mood

Digestive problems are something we can deal with daily. However, if you have a good digestion process, these affections disappear, which means you will have the will and energy to do the things that you have scheduled for a certain day without being bothered by abdominal cramps.

The advantages of consuming fresh natural yogurt go beyond those mentioned here and you can benefit from all of them by simply eating a tasty portion of yogurt once a day.





GPS units for recreational vehicles are available in a wide range of varieties from the basic low-enders to advanced high-enders. But since you are struggling for time to go into a detailed research to find a handsome GPS unit for your RV under your affordable limits, we are here to provide you this quick and complete buyer’s guide to help you purchase your RV a cheap yet gorgeously apt GPS unit.

While buying an affordable GPS unit, do not look for a lot of additional features and only go for basic functions that a GPS unit is supposed to perform. There are cheap GPS units available that provide a number of extra features just like high end units at a very low rate. Do not get lured by them as they are usually not reliable and all the features that they offer are of low quality.

Here are some top rated affordable GPS unit models that will best suit your needs.

  • Garmin RV 760MT - This is an absolutely amazing model, that offers you a 7 inches large touch screen display of 800x480 pixels. The model also includes a traffic update feature along with the lifetime location map from the manufacturers. This model is completely available to modifications according to the weight, height, length and width of the vehicle.
  • Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM – It can also be called an alternative to the above model in the list of cheap yet reliable GPS units. This model has a fuel tracker feature along with the GPS system that will calculate the amount you spent on the fuel and the amount of fuel the vehicle consumed. Moreover, it also has a video input feature for backup cameras that is compatible with almost all sorts of video and picture devices.
  • Magellan RoadMate RV9165T LM - Apart from the 7-inch display (like all the above), this model offers free for lifetime traffic alerts and a customized route per RV profile. Another fascinating feature of this unit is that it can be used as a speaker phone as it uses Bluetooth technology.

I hope now you have understood that a cheap yet efficient RV GPS unit is not hard to find. You can check the customer reviews for the models listed above on their respective websites.

So pick your choice today and thank us later!



It’s lovely to have fishes and other colorful aquatic animals as pet. They are not just beautiful but are considered lucky as well. However, owning an aquarium is not an easy job. You have to maintain the aquarium properly in order to keep your underwater plants and animals happy. Moreover, it is very important to choose the right accessories for your aquarium.

Water pumps or aquarium sump pumps are the most important device and choosing just the right sump pump for your aquarium can be time taking and tough. Since you are a busy person, we present here a quick buyer’s guide in order to direct you towards selecting the perfect sump pump for your aquarium.

Sump pump of the right kind

There are two basic kinds of water pumps namely, submersible water pump and In-line water pumps. The former is a complete underwater pump, which drives water from the filter and releases it into the aquarium. They require no drilling and are easy to install. They also make less noise as they run underwater. However, their size and shape may be a matter of consideration for small tanks as the filters may have limited space for the sump.

The latter, i.e. in-line pumps are externally installed pumps that runs out of water and uses an inlet and outlet passage for filtering water. They are air cooled and produce no heat into water unlike the former which are water cooled. They are more powerful and can filter gallons of water per hour. They are useful if the aquarium is substantially large.

Before you select a water pump for your aquarium

Take a quick glance on the following list of features that you must consider before you purchase a sump pump.

  • Filtration type - Decide on the type of filtration system you want according to the type and size of your aquarium.
  • Flow rate – Flow rate is the rate of water current flowing in a unit time. Salt-water fishes require higher flow rate while planted aquarium need lesser flow rate. Hence decide depending on your pets. For flow rate it might be a good idea to try a pedestal sump pump.
  • Plumbing – Decide the location and position of the pump beforehand and choose a wise place for it according to you.
  • Head height – It is the vertical height from the head of the pump to the highest point of the pumped water. The head height shouldn’t be more than five feet as it can create higher pressure.

Buy a branded good quality water pump and take a look on the customer reviews before buying.




While in a quest for a good and appropriate radar detector, it is easy to get perturbed and muddled between the various good looking  brands.

No, you're not the alone one I too went through the same, a few days ago, when I went to buy my first inexpensive radar detector. After a long research and some genuine advices, I landed up buying a Whistler model, and trust me, it was my best decision.

Whistler is undoubtedly the top ranker in the category of radar detectors, and I found it true as soon as I started using my Whistler CR90. Whistler offers a large range of radar detectors, from basic standard models to high end feature models, generating a trust among all of its customers.

Along with the wide range, they also offer convenient mounting and accurate detection in all of their detectors.

Following are some unique features of Whistler radar detectors that make them versatile -

  • They offer easy and convenient mounting facilities , and precise detections in all weathers.
  • They offer a plethora of advanced features, such as GPS technology framework and Smartphone compatibility features.
  • Some of the high end Whistler detectors also feature a unique cloaking device that can read all kinds of laser and radar guns and can even detect the devices in 'stalker' mode.
  • One can also purchase radar detectors that feature Voice alerts in which the radar will alarm you via voice notes.

Along with these amazing features, Whistler offers you an excellent customer support. Most of the radar detectors of  Whistler come with two year guarantee and for any future query or concern, a team of customer support experts is always ready to interact with you over the phone or an email.

Some of the top Models

Albeit the best model amongst all the radar detectors, is Whistler CR90 radar laser detector, that outscores all the radar detectors of its range, there are several other options available in the Whistler galaxy. Some of the top models are -

  • Z-11R Radar laser detector
  • Z-15R Radar laser detector
  • Z-19R Radar laser detector
  • CR65 Radar laser detector
  • PRO 3600 (SWRA-36) of Whistler with antenna module.

So with all these extremely promising and fascinating features, your whistler radar detector will never let you down. Believe it, I am a living proof!




Camping is such fun, except for the sleeping experience.I have a pickup SUV.  It is obvious that there is no comfortable bed and sleeping can be a painful experience. However we tend to apply all the measures we can, to achieve the near comfort even in a tent. Regular tents are not very successful in matching up our need of sound and comfortable sleep because they are placed on ground and ground is full of stuffs you don’t like.

This is the reason why truck tents are becoming a popular choice amongst the campers these days. Truck tents are the tents designed to be installed on truck or SUV platforms and provide a homely experience to you while sleeping. They are a good and cheaper alternative for RVs and are best for camping outside the city.


Reasons why I am promoting truck tents

Well it is just not me, you can go asking all the experienced campers out there. They will tell you the reason why pickup truck tent is a better option over a regular tent. But since you don’t have that much time and reach, I have listed here a few of them, just for you to weigh up –

  • They are safer. Truck tents are way too safer than regular tents as they are placed on SUV and truck platforms directly instead of the ground, that protects you from crawlers and infectious ground.
  • They are more comfortable. Regular tents do not allow as sound sleep as a truck tent. But truck tent is more advisable which has enough space for an air mattress.
  • They are easy. Truck tent spares you the efforts of searching places for tent installation.
  • They are easily movable. Since they are installed on the vehicle itself, they handle the issues of taking them out and reinstall them again on the next stop. They remain installed on your vehicle and move along with you.
  • They are best for rainy seasons. Imagine sleeping on the ground and sudden soggy feeling in the midnight! Urrgh! Truck tents saves you from such experiences as with them you are almost three to four feet above the ground.

Now is there any reason why you must not own one such useful camping equipment? I know there’s none. So purchase a truck tent right today for an exemplary camping experience! Happy tenting!




Parents are next to god! Rightly said, after all it is our parents that gave us birth and then take care of us day and night until we become old enough to be independent. They love us forever no matter what! Hence when it comes to show our affection towards them, even the most expensive gifts seems to be a run of the mill, which totally confuse us on what to buy?

If you are stuck in a similar situation, then I would advise you to choose a gift which is useful to them and will help them feel good every time they use it. I strongly recommend a foot spa to make your parents relax.

A good ionic foot spa machine will provide them a  comfortable and soothing experience of a foot spa at their home .

Imagine when they return after a long walk or house chores, and have their feet souring with pain and are tired of the daily routine, and then they switch on the spa machine and get all their tiredness driven off.  This soothing dream can come true if you gift them a foot spa machine this time.


The other benefits of a foot spa

A foot spa machine not only relaxes the feet but it also has some other indirect benefits. Have a look –

  • A foot spa is useful in enhancing the blood circulation of the body. Also, having a foot spa at regular intervals will keep them energetic and full of life.
  • Foot spa is well known for driving off stress and depression keeping a person full of positivity.
  • Arthritis – one of the major concerns for many old age people can be lessened by taking a regular foot spa. Foot spa relieves the muscle tension and frees the joints, leading to the decrease in body pain and is a great help for the people suffering from arthritis.
  • Foot spa is a very popular remedy for reducing the signs of insomnia; they are very helpful in getting proper and regular sleep.
  • Foot spa is also beneficial for headaches. Well obviously, with a relieve in stress the mind will naturally feel relaxed.
  • Surprisingly, the foot spa, though treats the foot but is helpful in getting rid of indigestion and acidity as well.

So you see? This is why I am suggesting that there could be no better gift than a foot spa for your parents. Gift them a foot spa and you will love the expression of their face!




Weather radios are worth purchasing because of their universal utilities. They not only provide precise weather alerts 24x7, but also warn you about several emergency alerts. In the areas that are prone to natural disasters and frequent severe weather conditions, a weather radio can prove to be a lifesaver.

Weather radios are usually very low-cost and range from even less than $20 and will cost a maximum of only $100 for the highly equipped units. However, the money you spend on a weather radio should only depend on the need of your lifestyle.


If you live in disaster prone area and are more likely to face emergencies, then you must spend on a branded and quality weather radio which also features emergency alerts. Such a unit may cost you $30 - $ 60. The higher end gadget you purchase, the more you can limit the alerts according to your needs.

High-end weather radios are high-end not just because they are better in quality but also because they offer multiple features like SAME technology, multiple power sources feature, advance quality alerts etc. So, spend only when you are in a need for these features otherwise it is prudent to go for a durable but fundamental unit.



If you do not really come by emergencies in your region and require a weather radio only to entertain your basic weather news needs then there is no point of spending on a real high ender. If this is the case, you can confidently go for a basic weather radio that provides fundamental features for fulfilling only indispensable requirements.  Select a branded and top rated radio of the range $15 to $ 30 and you can live happily ever after with it.


Spending on accessories

Yes, there are accessories available even for a weather radio. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go without them.

For instance, you need not buy any additional device for multitude  alarming systems. These alarming devices when connected to radios provide visual and shake alerts, which are useful only if you have visually or audibly disabled people around you otherwise do not waste the money.

Many other accessories that shopkeepers might persuade you to buy are designed for special needs, so before spending on them think wisely, about the width of its use and spend only when you are absolutely convinced with yourself .

Hence, don’t spend extra money for the features that a radio offers; instead pay wisely only for the features you require! Here are some more details on how weather radios work!





you need them


A drill press is a very useful and handy tool, both for home workshops and for commercial workshops. And with appropriate accessories it can be of multitude functionalities, be it sanding or serving as a spindle sander, a mortise or even a pocket hole machine, your drill press will do it all!

So when it comes to buying one such unit, the most trustable brand could only be GRIZZLY. Alternatively you can check also the Ryobi drill presses.

Due to its wide range for selections and reliability within affordability, it automatically becomes the first choice for buying such a frequently used tool.

Carefully check the following points before buying a grizzly drill press.

There are two basic models of drill machines

1) Bench-Top: These are the ones that could be mounted on the working bench directly or on their own stand. They are easy to store and carry due to their compact  and lightweight and are the best for simple, domestic, light jobs.

The best models from grizzly for this category are '12 speed heavy-duty Bench Top' and 'Grizzly G7943 Bench Top '.

2) Floor Model: - They stand on floor and are comparatively big and powerful  than the former. They are the best for commercial purposes and heavy duty tasks.

The best models from grizzly in this category are, '12 speed 20" Floor drill Press' and '12 speed heavy-duty 14" Floor Drill Press'.

Other types of drill press include magnetic machines and radial drill press with variation in depth and swing technology.

Your selection of the model should be based on the work you are going to perform.

Some Useful Considerations

Here is a list of features that you must query about before buying a drill press -

  • Horsepower -The power produced by the motor of the drill press is measured in Horsepower (HP), which range from 1/4 to 1 HP.
  • Speed variations - Many drill presses come with five to ten different speed settings that enable you to drill holes of different diameters.
  • Quil travel - This term refers to the depth that the press is capable of digging. Greater the quil travel, deeper the digging ability.
  • Depth-stops- This ensures precise dig and the limit of depth of the hole. So look for a good Depth-stop in order to perform accurate operations.



Apart from these, you must also consider following accessories that will enhance the functionalities  of your drill press -

  • Fences - These provide positional grip for repetitive holes.
  • Mortising attachments - Ensures precision in mortise drilling.
  • Planer heads - They help in squaring the edge and cutting rabbet.

So are you ready now? Go ahead and wisely choose a perfect grizzly drill press for a perfect drill.

Thanks for reading!!



Carpets can be difficult to clean and hard to maintain, especially if you have kids or pet and all the more, if you’re one of those people who adore fluffy textures and bright colors. So how can you keep them clean and looking fresh and new for a longer period of time?

Well, of course, you need to care for them, apply cleaning solutions on them, wash them and vacuum them periodically. Unfortunately, chemical solutions and repeated washing will make the colors become  faded and the fabric look shabby in time, which will confer your carpet’s an unaesthetic appearance. Even a vacuum cleaner can damage it. Because of that, some well-known carpet manufacturers even stipulate conditions that nullify the warranty, if you’re using a vacuum cleaner brand that is not gentle enough with the fabric.


That is why, finding a top quality electric broom, especially designed for precious materials is your best choice if you want to preserve your carpet’s colors and texture. How can you do that?


  1. Know what is the main component of your carpet. Natural materials will need a gentler treatment, and that is why you’ll need to adapt the broom to them and not the other way around.
  2. Choose a broom that is able to provide good suction power, but that is fitted with a soft roller brush. Great suction power means you won’t have to press on the carpet’s surface for the broom to be able to pick up messes and lints embedded there. If the item is powerful enough, it will draw these inside the dust cup, while the soft, long bristles will pick up hair and lint with ease, without damaging the fabric in any way.
  3. Make sure you choose a product with multiple speed settings that you can adapt to different surfaces and materials. It is true that you won’t need the maximum power level all the time, but when it so happens that you’re dealing with dirt deposited deeply in the carpet’s texture you may have to apply a lot more power to get it out of there.
  4. Don’t forget about the garbage recipient. Carpets tend to accumulate a great quantity of messes and fluffs that take a lot of place to store, so if you are thinking about buying a broom to sweep your living room carpet, you must acquire one that has a large dust cup, able to store it all without you having to empty it during cleaning.
  5. If you’re buying a cordless product, make sure you are taking one that offers you at least 20 minutes of running time and, if you are buying a corded one, be sure the cable is long enough to offer plenty of mobility.


Fish finders are indeed a very handy tool for bay fishing, ice fishing and all kinds of fishing out there. They take your fishing to just another level by allowing you to SEE and MONITOR fishe directly and very conveniently on the display screen by your side of the water. This is the reason why they are best buddies for all fishermen and anglers and are a must buy for all those who still use their guts to locate the right fishing spots.

In case you have just bought one and are beginning to figure out technicalities then you may find the following tips useful And if you have already mastered the foundation course, then here are few additional features and facts that you should know about fish finders:

  • Do look for the GPS feature when you buy a fish finder. GPS system not only helps you return safely but lets you design your own maps. Yes, your own customized digital map!
  • There are two different kinds of sonar scanning systems in fish finders, namely down scan and side scan sonar and you must choose the kind that goes best with your location and requirements.
  • The down scan gives you an idea of what is directly beneath the boat and allows you to see an image of the bottom with clear details. The accuracy it provides is impeccable.
  • The side scan broadcasts signals in a wing-angled fashion to the sides of the boat. These sweep a greater area in a single scan and have very minimal noise and disturbance.
  • There are certain advanced fish finders that combine side scan and down scan together for an even better detection.
  • Just like your Smartphone and computer, the fish finders also come with software enhancements that need to be updated at decent intervals. The more up-to-date version you have, more luxurious fishing you will experience.
  • Fish finders that use arches to signal fishes are more precise than those that use FishId techniques. This is because FishId often misinterprets stones and bushes as fish, which might disappoint you.
  • Fish alarms are another feisty feature that signals you the presence of a fish in case you are too busy to monitor the screen.


The above facts about fish finders will help you utilize a fish finder to its fullest. Happy fishing!!